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you were a normal girl;

and then they started the testing

Elle Bishop
8 July 1983
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NAME: Elle Bishop
MEANING: Elle is the French female pronoun. It is a derivative of Eleanor, meaning "light of the sun" from the French and "pity" from the Greek. Bishop is an ecclesiastical rank, though the surname usually refers to a servant.
OCCUPATION: former agent of the Company (aka Primatech Paper) and full-time doting daughter

AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 5'1"
NATIONALITY: American (East Coast)

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Heterosexual, though she'll be bisexual if it suits her interests or she's really bored.

OTHER CHARACTERISTICS: Elle has a scar on her forehead from Sylar's attack, though it's usually completely hidden by makeup and her hair. She usually smells of sharply of ozone.

POWERS AND ABILITIES: Electrogenesis/electrokinesis; [ X ] [ X ] [ X ]

FAMILY: Robert Bishop (father)(deceased), unnamed mother (deceased), unnamed grandmother (deceased)

PB: Kristen Bell
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last voyages;

STATUS: Inmate
ASSIGNED WARDEN: Sgt. Neil Howie; previously: Tony Foster, Malcolm Reynolds, Kahlan Amnell, Jack Harkness

ROOM NUMBER: Level 5, Room 11
// Description

TIMELINE: S03E07 "Eris Quod Sum"
after she ditches Claire and Peter and runs into Pinehearst

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Technically, she was married to Rick until his unfortunate disappearance, then to Arthur Pendragon until his unfortunate disappearance. She was in a very serious relationship with Peter Petrelli for nearly a year and a half before his unfortunate disappearance. She's been known to fool around with Adam Monroe or Sylar. Her current favorite toy is Vincent Chase.

FOURTH WALL: Yes, with two caveats. 1) Only if your character would have realistically watched s2 of Heroes, meaning they have to be from 2007 or later, and 2) please keep in mind that others Heroes players may not want the fourth wall, so keep it where their characters can't see.

This is an roleplaying journal for lastvoyages. I am not Kristen Bell or Tim Kring, nor do I have any affiliation with them or NBC. I do not own, or in fact have anything to do with, Heroes.